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How to stop your dog from pulling on lead; pet behaviourist shares easy tips

Walking on lead doesn't come naturally to dogs. Here are easy tips to prevent them from pulling on lead.

Dogs tend to have an urge to pull because wearing a leash and feeling restricted by it is not natural behaviour for them. Teaching them loose leash walking may take some time and it is important to be patient and firm while training them to walk without pulling on lead. Dogs see the world differently from us. They walk on four limbs and are much faster in movement than us and this is the reason why wanting to go faster can make them pull on their lead. Dogs may also pull when they feel doing that can help them get what they want. Using a longer lead and making them practice at home are some of the ways of making your pet comfortable while on leash.

"Dogs aren't born knowing how to walk nicely on lead - we have to teach them! Comparatively, we walk in a boring way - from A-B, in the most efficient way possible, and we never stop to smell the p-mail! Only having two legs we're slow, dogs with their four can naturally walk faster. They like to zig-zag, go back and forth and they see the world through their nose so stopping and sniffing is important," says Vanessa, Pet Behaviourist.


Vanessa shares ways you can help your dog to walk on loose leash.

1. Use a longer lead

Dogs may pull to reach something or because they feel too restrained, walking with a longer lead (where safe) allows them more movement and freedom.

2. Rewards

Rewarding them for good behaviour can help them follow your cues. Always take rewards on a walk. When starting loose lead training reward very regularly when your dog isn’t pulling. Use the location of your rewards to help - reward next to you, behind you and low down

3. Inside first

Practice teaching walking without pulling inside first. Yes I’m talking laps of your living room! This sets your dog up for success as they can learn with fewer distractions.

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