How to stay healthy during season change: Homely tips

Whether the weather is wet or fine, you must run.

Who doesn’t love variety? Nobody can tolerate an everlasting summer or an everlasting cold winter; all we need is a change. But, ‘The Change’ may sometimes get heavy on you, especially nowadays, when pollution has caused Climate Change in a gruesome range, and all the predictability is falling down. Temperature and humidity fluctuations during season change may cause some mild illness, which, if not taken care of properly, may lead to something serious. And that’s why prevention is better than cure. Here are a few tips to stay fit and win over season change.

Drink water as much as needed

Water consumption provides a balance between body and nature: temperature and humidity. It maintains a proper digestion system, reduces germs. For a normal well-aged person, 3.5 to 4.5 litres of water is needed to be consumed per day. The amount of water depends on your physical condition. So, it’s better to consult a physician and fix a daily target of drinking water.

Have seasonal fruits: natural shield

Fruits are the most reliable sources of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, immunity boosters. Having fruits regularly, especially the seasonal ones, provides great immunity against viral fever, common cold, allergies, skin diseases, helps in digestion and so on.

Exercise Regularly: strengthen your body.

Yoga and physical exercises keep one fit, both physically and mentally. Everyone should exercise as per their physical condition to keep themselves fit, not only during the season changes but throughout the year. At least 30 minutes of free-hand exercise every day can keep you healthy and fit during the change.

The most important thing we ignore: Proper sleep

Maintaining a proper sleeping cycle is the most necessary task to cope up with season change. Incomplete sleep leads to cell damage; immunity gets reduced. Various kinds of skin diseases may arise. A well-aged person should have a tight sleep for 6-8 hours to be physically stable and mentally strong.

Take a bath daily: kick out the germs away.

Change in temperature and humidity causes sweating, which is a swimming pool for germs and can cause so many diseases. So having a bath regularly, with soap, is a necessary habit of being healthy, even during season change.

These are very few daily-to-do tasks you need to practise in your daily life to abide by trivial effects of season change. Instead of those, after all these precautions, if anybody finds any trouble, don’t make late to consult with a doctor and go for immediate treatment.

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