How to Reduce Monthly Bills Towards Various Subscriptions?

In this era of digital transformation, we spend a lot on entertainment subscriptions. 

Today, various subscriptions, including OTT platforms, audio streaming apps, video streaming apps, entertainment apps, premium versions of some apps, cloud storage apps, security apps etc., are a part of our monthly budget. Day by day, the cost towards these is increasing exponentially. So, we need to minimize the cost by applying some hacks & ideas.

Here are some of them.

  1. Choose your essentials. Make a list of the essential items which you need to have regularly. Take quarterly, half-yearly or yearly subscriptions to those that you can get the best price. If you are a student, you might get some of it at a discounted price.
  2. Rotate subscriptions monthly or quarterly. Suppose some new content is to be released on an OTT platform next month. So, you will be busy watching that particular OTT next month. Therefore, focus and pay for that specific OTT platform next month. Don’t pay for other OTT platforms next month.
  3. Share with Friends. Always look for share options. Try to get maximum share partners so that per-head costs will be minimal. Also, if you use that application on mobile mostly, then go for the mobile subscription option. It is cheaper than other variations.
  4. Stop auto-pay monthly. Most of these apps have the option for auto deduction every month. It might sound very relaxing, but the amount gets deducted even if you are not using that app for a particular month. So, stop wasting and instead pay for exact use.
  5. Look for free. A lot of apps come with a free trial. Try to utilize this option. Some applications allow you to use it for a specific time and finish those before paying for a subscription.
  6. Look for offers & coupons. These are coupons for most of these platforms and apps. You can earn these coupons by shopping on a particular app, making payments through different portals, or looking for offers on paying your recharge bills. Grab those offers if possible.
  7. Make a budget. First, set a limit on your monthly budget towards these entertainment subscriptions. Try to adjust within that limit. You will realize how much you can intake per day.
  8. Minimize screen time. Try to minimize your addiction towards phones, PC or laptops. If you can reduce your screen time, your monthly bills towards these subscriptions will be lesser.
These are a few tips and tricks that can help you reduce your spending on entertainment subscriptions.