How to practice the art of Gratitude

It just takes the simple act of being thankful to people around you and things you have

A quick Google search will show you the meaning of gratitude as the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. To understand even better, gratitude may seem a bit too much to learn about or practice but in totality is a simple word implying to be thankful. Practicing this on a daily basis is to remind and be thankful for what all we have and what there is to come.

Well there are endless benefits of practicing gratitude. Various studies have also shown that people who practice gratitude regularly, that is taking a moment throughout their day to reflect upon the things they're thankful for, are said to experience more positive emotions, sleep better, and are kinder. Expressing gratitude after a promotion at work is good, but it is time to be thankful for something as trivial as a piece of cake. So here is a simple step course on how you can begin practicing gratitude.

Start journaling your everyday gratitude Every night, before bedtime make a habit to write about the things and people that you are grateful for in your life. In the journal, start penning down all the positive things that happened with you throughout the day. Journaling makes you concentrate on the brighter side of life and avoid unnecessary thoughts that do not help you in any way.

Be thankful to people This is a sign of compassion, it shows how much respect you have for others as well. It is a great practice and even polite to say thank you in return to people for even helping you lift a spoon. Thank people you meet on a regular basis, appreciate family and friends as after all they made life beautiful for us in so many incredible different ways.

Meditate Find a center point for yourself. Meditation is just a means to focus on being grateful to God for all the wonderful things you have been blessed with and to also acknowledge and reflect on the things we want improvement. It is a time of self-assessment but by being grateful and kind to self.

Appreciate yourself Lastly, but most important of all start by loving yourself and complimenting yourself for all you have endured and how far you have come. Write a thank-you note or a letter to yourself for all the things that you are grateful for. Thank you to your body for you are being able to breathe, walk, eat, and live a healthy life.