How to play Tennis tips for beginners

A fun and full workout game, tennis isn’t that difficult

A racket sport played against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each called doubles, Tennis has emerged to be an elegant game that is enjoyed by who’s who of the world. It was introduced as Lawn Tennis in Birmingham, England in the late 19th century. And is such a sport that it can be played by anyone who can easily hold a racket and aim well at the ball. Tennis is now an Olympic sport and is played at all levels across ages.

The main objective of the game is to keep maneuvering the ball in such ways that you do not give the opponent any chance to play a valid return. As the player who is unable to return the ball, it will not gain a point, while the opposite player will. So here a few tips for people who are aiming to learn tennis.

Holding a tennis racket Pick a racket that matches your body and grip size. There are three types of grip to hold a racket: western, eastern, and continental grips. For an eastern grip, take your dominant hand and place the index knuckle on the third in line with the string face. For the continental grip, simply shift the index finger of your dominant hand to the 2nd bevel and hold the handle as if you are shaking someone’s hand.

Swing motion involving racket and upper body This is critical as this dictates the direction and outcome of the shot. As the ball approaches, first turn to the side while bringing the racket back. Then with a fluid motion, hit from a low to high and swing to make contact with the ball. From forehand or backhand, focus on swinging low to high. So begin by practicing swinging the racket without a ball, from low to high.

How should be the footwork? A difficult technique of tennis is footwork. Don’t get caught flat-footed so staying on your toes will allow you to be explosive in chasing down the ball. At the same time remember to not get too close to the ball. So holding the racket, extend your arm while pointing the head of the racket away from you. Ideally, this is how far you should be from the ball.

Tennis makes you run and jump from one corner of the court to another. So while running and approaching the ball, slow yourself down by using quick and small steps. This will help you to be in the perfect position to hit the ball.

Now the game of tennis is played by millions of people and has a popular worldwide spectator circle.