How To Encourage Reading Habit In Toddlers

Inculcate these healthy reading habits to make your toddler a book lover from the very start.

Kids learn from what they see. Inculcating habits in them, in the long run, is exactly what you do right now, and every day. Parents often sigh, the most challenging part about parenting is to pretend to like vegetables! Just like vegetables, there are many good habits, like reading books that will help your toddler grow in the right direction. We do not mean they will enjoy the monochrome newspaper or a heavy dictionary from the very start! Here are the choicest tricks to lead the little ones in reading books as a part of their daily habit and to proceed slowly and patiently.

  1. Read A Book Every Day-

From the very beginning, when your baby begins to react to objects and follows the direction and movement of toys, introduce them to a baby book. Before sleeping or after a meal, put them on your lap and read the story aloud and with rhythm. They might like you to read the tale all over again for the fifth time, but eventually, they would like to flip the pages and read them on their own as they grow.

  1. Read In Front Of Your Child-

You will soon learn that kids are merely small copying machines who like to replicate your actions. If they see you cleaning, they want to do it too, if the kids see you cooking they will want to try their hands in cooking. If you make it a habit to read books in front of your baby, they will be interested in doing the same and slowly taking it up as a habit.

  1. Create A Reading Space-

When we say reading space, it does not have a full library. Any quiet corner where the kids can study without any interruption of loud music or moving about is right enough. Make sure it is different from the playroom, or they might get distracted with the toys.

  1. Let Your Child Pick Their Book-

Giving them the liberty to pick the book of their choice gives them the independence to explore more in the field. They are likely to judge the book by the cover, but eventually, they are likely to flip over and get the text according to the contents as they grow up.

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