How Different Countries Use Their Noodles

Noodles are enjoyed in different cultures across the world and have a variety of origin stories. Noodles are eaten by people worldwide, but sometimes they’re spicy and sometimes sweet. For centuries, noodles have been around and a lot of people might associate their origins with Italian or Chinese cuisines, but they have left their mark in tons of nations. Here’s how seven countries use their noodles in cooking. Finland Macaroni casseroles are very common in northern European home cooking. In Finland, this dish is known as makaronilaatikko and is a popular home-cooked dish. Makaronilaatikko is prepared by combining macaroni with cheese sauce and onions in a casserole and baking it. This dish is usually served with ketchup. Vietnam Pho is a Vietnamese soup made of noodles and is popular throughout the country. The flavor of the dish changes in different regions and as per some culinary experts, Pho is created from mixing French and Vietnamese cuisine. The dish consists of broth and herbs mixed in rice noodles and is typically served with basil, lime, and bean sprouts. Germany Spätzle are soft noodles, made with a dough comprised of flour, salt, and eggs. Spätzle is prepared in the following ways: The dough can be scraped in thin and long strips or it can be extruded through a device similar to a potato ricer. Once the noodles are boiled, it is quickly sautéed with herbs, butter and served alongside German traditional dishes like rouladen and sauerbraten. China China has the most indigenous noodles of any country on Earth. The most common Chinese noodles are lamian, which are hand-pulled; jau mein, made with lye water for a chewier texture, and fan pei made from the starch of mung bean. India In the Tamil Nadu state of India, a thin extruded noodle called idiyappam is very popular. This noodle is made with salt, rice flour, water and is typically served alongside curry. Another noodle named sevai is also popular in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, made out of rice dumplings and running them through a fine press. Hong Kong In Cantonese cuisine, which also encompasses Hong Kong, the most loved noodle is yi mein, a flat egg noodle made out of wheat flour. Yi Mein is popular in stir-frys and soups and is elastic and chewy. Italy Noodles in Italy are a way of life. Ravioli, spaghetti, penne, ziti, tagliatelle, fusilli are the common varieties of pasta in Italy. Furthermore, pasta is divided into two camps: dried pasta, made of semolina and water; and fresh pasta, which comprises eggs. These are then served in three distinct styles: in soup or al forno, in sauce, or baked dishes. How would you like to eat your noodles?