Honey and its variety!

Honey is the forerunner of sugar. It is also preferred as a sweetener in some places due to its taste and texture. But based on source, colour, and composition and processing methods, we have listed down the variety of honey found. Let us have a look at it.

Kombu Honey. This honey is mainly distinguished by the variety of bees instead of the type of flower nectar. Kombu honey is the most preciously obtained honey that belongs to a rare variety of small bees known as Apis Florea. It has high medicinal value as the nectar is collected from flowers of all smaller and medicinal plants. Kombu honey acts as an immunity booster and also possesses minerals, amino acids and antioxidant properties.

Kurinji Honey. It is considered to be the rarest honey because kurinji honey is prepared from a shrub variety of plant called Neela Kurinji. This plant is known to bloom once every 12 years in the Southern part of the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal and Munnar to be more specific. It is considered to help cure haemoglobin deficiency and severe heart blockage when consumed with Luke warm water or non-filtered juice.

Jamun Honey. This is the only honey that tastes bitter. As the name suggests, it is collected from the flowers of the Jamun tree and is rich in iron contents which helps in the purification of blood. Jamun honey contains a compound which helps in controlling insulin level in blood and its astringent properties keep oily skin smooth, fresh and acne-free.

Moringa Honey. This honey is prepared after collecting the nectars from moringa flowers, which are commonly found in tropics and subtopic regions. Moringa flower mainly blooms during February and March and the honey harvesting process is mainly carried out by the locals of the areas. Consuming Moringa honey provides various health related benefits such as strengthen the bones. It also helps build immunity, reduces allergy symptoms, decreases ulcers and also relieves arthritis.

Neem Honey. It comes from the nectar of neem flowers which are collected by the beehives. Neem, as known to all possesses numerous medicinal benefits which are inherited by the nectar. It serves as a cure to high blood pressure, throat infections and a variety of allergic conditions. Neem honey is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which is why it is widely used in skincare products. This is also helpful in treating diabetes and blood purification.

Honey is a prized addition to the diet and consuming its empty stomach with Luke warm water and some drops of lemon is a great way to start your day.

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