Home remedies to get rid of dark circles

Tired eyes and stubborn dark circles have become a part and parcel of life for many youngsters nowadays and yes it’s pretty universal now!

It is needless to say all that causes dark circles in both men and women are mostly contributed by excessive work stress, constant exposure to UV rays, unbalanced diet and yes to a major extent it is also caused by your excessive screen timing, and that not just includes your screen time on your laptop but your smartphone as well. Now dark circles are basically a layer of pigmentation in which the small blood capillaries around the eyes get a breakout, causing the blood to turn into a purple darkish patch.

Wonders of Aloe Vera Gel to soothe the eyes and remove dark patches

Aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredients to cure under eye circles and topical issues. Loaded with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, aloe vera can help in improving the blood circulation around the eyes, soothe the stressed nerves and swollen eye muscles. The cooling effect of aloe vera gel can give a refreshing feel and help with eye fatigue issues as well. Regarding the process, it’s pretty simple: collect 2-3 leaves of aloe vera and extract the gel. Keep it refrigerated for 1.5 or 2 hours and apply it overnight around your eye area and leave it overnight.

Green tea bags- a green remedy for your dark circle worries

Nowadays, green tea bags are getting popular among lifestyle readers especially after realizing its immense goodness in curing under eye circle issues. Green tea bags are pretty easily available and its two main properties: Caffeine and Tannins are helps in soothing the blood vessels and de-stressing sore eye muscles and nerves. The process is really inexpensive and easy. Take 2 green tea bags and soak it in mineral/ purified water and refrigerate the same for 1-2 hours max. Clean your eyes first and then keep each tea bag on your eyes for a maximum duration of 20 minutes. Once the process is done, repeat the same for straight 5 days and you will notice the soreness in your eyes and dark circles are gradually vanishing.

Magic of Almond oil to soften the puffiness around your eyes

Almond oil is loaded with Vitamin-E and it’s not just that it only does wonders to prevent hair fall and give us blemish free skin, almond oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in promoting the blood circulation around the eyes and help reduce the soreness of the nerves. Use pure almond oil which is free of mineral oil, and take a few drops on a cotton pad. Gently dab the cotton on your upper eyelid and under eye area. Once done, gently press and spread the oil all over the eye surroundings and relax for 1-2 hours. After an hour or two, rinse the oil with plain water and dab dry with a towel.

These are some of the most natural remedies to cure under eye or dark circle issues at home and in simple DIY processes. Also, since poor lifestyle is a contributing factor to this, it is always better to bring changes in diet and in limiting excessive screen time.


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