Home remedies for cutting down on sweet tooth cravings

Here are a few homemade remedies with which you can satisfy your sweet cravings and even better your immunity

If you have a strong sweet tooth it’s just your taste palette, and you just need to trick your mind into thinking you are already full or you have had something sweet already. Sugar is addictive and it can be hard to draw a line. The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calms and relaxes you and gives a natural “high”. You cannot have just one piece of chocolate if you have an entire bar in front of you, but if your body gets more sugar than it can process, it turns to fat.

Controlling sweet cravings especially after a meal is even more difficult. Here are a few homemade remedies  with which you can satisfy your sweet cravings and even better your immunity

A pinch of jaggery with ghee is a healthy sugar alternative

Ghee and ‘gur’ is a powerhouse of antioxidants, stimulates bowel movement and helps with immunity. This combination after a meal can curb your sweet craving and boost iron intake. Jaggery has far less calories than sugar, is a natural cleanser and can detoxify the liver, says nutritionist RujutaDiwekar. Ghee on the other hand reduces inflammation  and keeps you warm during winter chills.

Munch on Frozen Grapes for a healthy sugar rush with some Vitamin C

Grapes  can fill your sugar cravings and keep you cold in summers. Try filling ice block containers with yogurt and grapes for fussy children. Frozen delights are everyone’s favourite and one won’t believe it is not ice cream.

Indulge in almonds covered in dark chocolate

Prepare a dark chocolate ganache and dip your almonds , let it sit in the freezer for a few hours. They have an interesting texture and flavour and tricks your brain into thinking you are having something sweet. Enjoy a handful with green tea.

Fill up with frozen yogurt and cinnamon

If you are a fan of ice cream, make yourself some nice cream with banana and yogurt, blended and chilled. Scoop it, top with fruits or a pinch of cinnamon for your after-meal dessert. Steer clear of store bought flavoured yogurts ass that have added sugar. Use a tea cup for measurement so that you do not over do your portion size.

Grab some gum to reduce cravings and feel fuller

Certain studies have shown that chewing gum cab cut down on cravings to a large extent. It was found  the process of chewing gum may stimulate release of specific gut hormones reducing hunger and food intake. But consider only a sugar free gum


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