Himanta Sarma Reshuffles Assam’s Portfolio

Jogen Mohan will oversee the Power, Cooperation, Sports, and Youth Welfare departments, while Nandita Gorlosa will be accountable for the Mines and Minerals division. 

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced a minor reshuffle in the portfolios of two ministers in his cabinet. Sarma himself assumed control of the Department of Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture, with the exception of the libraries, museums, and archaeology directorates, according to a formal announcement.

In addition to his previous responsibilities in Revenue and Disaster Management and Hill Areas Development, Jogen Mohan was assigned to the Department of Mines and Minerals.

The notice stated on Monday that Nandita Gorlosa, who formerly held the portfolios of Mines and Minerals and Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture, will now be responsible for the operations of the Power, Cooperation, Sports, and Youth Welfare departments. According to the statement, she is going to continue to oversee the Directorate of Archaeology, which is part of the Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture portfolio.

Himanta Sarma on the Manipur issue 

Meanwhile, the chief minister of Assam and the BJP’s top diplomat in the northeast, predicted that both the state and federal BJP administrations could end the ongoing crisis in Manipur through negotiation. 

“The Central government is being fiercely neutral while dealing with all the communities. With the kind of time, kind of energy (Home Minister) Amit Shah is spending in northeast, I am sure that positive result will emerge,” Mr. Sarma said, as quoted by The Hindu.

Sarma on the communal harmony of Assam 

Community relations in Assam have never been better, according to Mr. Sarma, who claimed that the past two years have seen the most advancement. He asserted that the Muslim population of the state supported his efforts to reduce polygamy and underage marriage and refuted claims that these efforts were motivated by racial prejudice.

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