Here’s What You Can Do With Leftover Bananas

These useful tips will ensure your ripe banana doesn’t go to waste.

Bananas are one of those fruits that pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. It is loaded with potassium and vitamins that your body need. They make for a perfect snack, especially if you are constantly on-the-go. The only problem is that bananas can go bad fast. This is because it produces a gas called ethylene in large amounts, which causes the fruit to ripen at a rapid pace. It can be painful to see it go to waste. However, there are many ways you can use a ripe banana. Here are a few options to try.

1 May help to heal from a bug bite

You can use a banana peel to treat a mosquito bite. All you have to do is press the peel on the affected area for a few minutes. It may also help to reduce the need to itch. Some studies claim banana peels could reduce inflammation. It is believed to be an ancient Chinese remedy. Some people claim it can help to soothe rashes, sunburn and more.

2 Use it to fertilize plants

If you love gardening, chop up the banana peels and bury them in the soil. This will help to provide the soil with nutrients that can help your plants thrive. If you are growing a tomato plant, wrap a banana peel around it. It acts as a natural fertilizer.

3 Use it to polish silver and leather

Banana contains potassium, which is why it is ideal to polish leather. Use the banana peel for this purpose. After which wipe the leather down with a cloth. You can also use it to polish your silver instead of purchasing expensive products to get the job done.

4 Make a delicious cold smoothie with ripe bananas

There’s nothing better than a cold smoothie on a hot day. Store your bananas in the freezer and use them to make a delicious smoothie. Don’t forget to add ice to keep it nice and chilled.

5 Make DIY beauty treatments

A DIY beauty treatment is packed with nutrition for your skin and hair. It can also be less expensive than most beauty products. Use this fruit to make a hair treatment or face mask. There are many things you can combine it with to make your skin and hair glow. It goes especially well with avocado and yoghurt.

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