Here’s how going vegan can save the planet

The greener you eat, the better chances of our planet living longer! While veganism has become famous in the recent days due the rich adapting it, the form of lifestyle has actually been around for a long time and has saved the world one day at a time. As known already, global warming and several other man-made reasons are increasingly making the Earth inhabitable and reducing its sustaining years. While there are several ways to correct this, researchers say a simple thing as adopting a vegan diet can make a huge difference as well. Let us take a look at how veganism can save our mother earth… It helps in saving water – Many around the world struggle to get a glass full of clean water. However, when we farm more and more livestock, they not only consume gallons of water but also pollute fresh water bodies. Vegetables on the other hand take up less water to grow and also facilitate fresher ground water. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions – A lot of people may not know this but around 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are due to food production and most of it is production of animal products. The more the greenhouse gas emission, the worse our ozone layer gets affected. This leads to depletion of the ozone layer which can mean end of the Earth one day… Agricultural land is wasted lesser – If veganism is adopted by one and all, the agricultural land used for raising animals will get reduced drastically. To make animal products, farmers need to not only grow the animals but also let them roam and have fresh grass. This takes up more agricultural land than say a batch of potatoes would. Less poison in the soil – Did you know that cattle and other animals farmed for food can produces several kg of waste which pollutes the underground water supplies and rivers with nitrogen, phosphorus and nitrates. This can lead to death of fishes and other sea creatures causing massive ecological changes in the ocean. Saves the animals – Often for better meat, animals are injected with hormones and even farmed just for the sake of eating. While this is a more moral side to becoming a vegan, when you think about it, a plant-based diet can do wonders by saving millions of animals each year! This helps preserve the species and stops inhuman farming as well.