Here’s Why You Should Do Yoga Barefoot

Find out why doing yoga barefoot is beneficial.

There are many reasons to do yoga barefoot as you can gain a lot more from the practice than you realise. Even though some people prefer to wear socks while they do yoga, indoors or outdoors, most yoga instructors advise their students to practice while barefoot. One reason is out of respect for the practice. Here are some other reasons that will benefit you if you do yoga barefoot.

  1. May offer stability and balance

Feet are an important and essential part of yoga. Many of the yoga poses need your feet to be in firm contact with the ground so you can do the asanas well. It also helps to ensure that your body is able to maintain stability and balance. This could help to reduce injuries and falls. Doing yoga with socks or shoes can make it difficult for your feet to move easily. It could also interfere with the right alignment of your feet, which could cause external injury.

  1. Strengthening your feet

Doing Yoga barefoot helps to make your feet are stronger, which could help treat issues connected to the legs, knees and feet. Wearing shoes while practising yoga can cause your feet to become weak. You may also lose stability, mobility and flexibility. When you practice yoga barefoot, it helps you better connect with various parts of the body. When there is a better movement of joints, points and muscles, it could help strengthen your feet.

  1. Improves energy flow

Yoga is all about connecting with the mind and body. Performing yoga barefoot help you connect with the earth. You may notice over time you will feel more energized. This flow of energy will help you feel more awake, alert and strong. It can also help improve the quality of your life.

  1. Free electrons

The earth’s surface contains free electrons. This can have a healing impact when they react with free radicals present in your body. Some studies suggest it could make detoxification of our blood possible.

  1. May improve your overall health

Barefoot yoga may improve your health in a number of ways. It could treat issues with insomnia and offer relief from muscle tension. It may even give your metabolism a boost. Some people have tried to treat their knee issues by practising yoga. However, it is better to consult with your doctor before you try.

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