Here Are Some Effective Ways to Lose Weight After 50

Crawling over the 50-year mark will inevitably result in weight gain; however, there are ways to keep fit.


Crossing over the 50-year mark will inevitably decrease metabolism. With ageing, the gender hormones decrease, the body can't metabolise sugar, resting metabolism-rate contracts, all leading to the accumulation of fat. Medical problems withstanding, increased injury risks may deter many from visiting a gym. However, there are ways to keep fit after 50 and here is how.


Don’t Skip Meals


Waning metabolism should not be considered an argument to skip meals. The nutrient requirement still remains. Proper food intake accounts for about 85% of the weight loss battle.

It is not necessary, though, to go through three daily meals religiously. One should eat enough to get the necessary calories and proteins to sail energetically through the day and maintain muscle mass, which in fact contributes to metabolism. What's important is to keep oneself hydrated with water or other fluids.


Breakfast Targets


Hit the fat on the head early. It's seen that people above 50 eat a decent amount of proteins but not early enough, say during breakfast when it's most effective. Doing the same with complex carbs, healthy fats and fibres with an emphasis on calcium and vitamin D also auger well for the day.


Low-Fat Is No Good


Don't get complacent with the low-fat fad. Identify foods with healthy dietary fat like avocados, olive oil, nuts, and butter and consume it, albeit, managing the portions. It's the low-fat foods which often increases sugar.


Limit Eating Out


Eating out is a convenience, especially if living alone; however, processed foods are high in fat and sugar content. Limiting processed foods regulates the release of sugar into the bloodstream, resulting in lesser fat accumulation. Some processed foods can spike blood sugar by 150%.


Strength Training


Prioritise strength training over cardio — which is very good for maintaining the heart and the lungs, if you want to lose weight. Training not only will increase muscle strength and increase mobility and improve bone density (when paired with proper nutrition).


Sound Sleep


Target at least 7 to 8 hours of daily sleep. When you sleep leptin and ghrelin — two hormones which are then released regulate appetite. Lack of quality sleep is wrongly perceived by the body as fatigue. Take to a low dosage of melatonin, if needs be.


Don't Mind The Mind


Bring over 50 does slow things down, but it doesn't end it. First, don't succumb to the old mindset and don't stick to your routine, when you were 30-year old. Modify your exercise and dietary directives as per your present age to enjoy its full benefits.