Herbal tea that you must definitely try once

Herbal teas are having a bit of a moment here.

It is a fact universally known that herbal tea is a much healthier choice than any other beverage. True, their name can be deceiving, since herbal teas are not the generic tea- like oolong, black tea, green tea. Herbal tea is generally made from spices, herbs, flowers. Satisfyingly, herbal teas have a ton of health benefits and a much wider range of flavours and types.

Here are the types of herbal teas you might give a go.

  1. Chamomile tea – Chamomile tea is considered an ancient tea. Its leaves can be stewed in hot water. Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is supposed to aid in gastrointestinal problems. It is loaded with antioxidants and is most popular for its soothing effects.
  2. Ginger tea – Ginger tea packs a punch with the sharp spice in the throat when you sip it. Ginger in itself has immune-building properties which when made into tea is equally beneficial for health. Ginger tea is also a great remedy for nausea.
  3. Hibiscus Tea – Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C minerals and cures inflammation. The antioxidant properties can help with anxiety. Hibiscus tea is best known to treat high blood pressure. The tea also has anti-viral properties to help with fighting infections.
  4. Rosehip Tea – Rosehip tea is believed to cure vitamin C deficiencies. Any stomach related problems and rosehip tea is your go-to instant cure. Rosehip powder also shows signs of fighting aging on the faces as it increases the moisture of the skin. The tea is effective in reducing inflammation as well.
  5. Sage Tea – Sage is known to an ancient herb used to cure many ailments. Sage tea can increase appetite and is extremely handy for people with a weak immunity and sleep disorders. Sage tea relieves stress as well.
  6. Matcha Tea – Made by grinding Japanese tea into powder, matcha tea packs a powerful dose of antioxidants. A cup of matcha tea is considered equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea. Beneficial properties include de-stressing and super tea if you’re looking to lose some weight.
  7. White tea – White tea is like the champagne of tea. White tea is harvest from the buds of tea plants and is the least oxidised part of the plant. A dedicated white tea regime will help in anti-aging, visibly reducing the appearance of age lines and wrinkles.

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