Health benefits of Gochujang, an incredible superfood

Gochujang is a special type of fermented red pepper sauce prepared in Korea.

The consumption of Gochujang started inthe 16th or 17th century, as per reports and historical evidence in Korea. The major ingredients are red pepper, fermented soybean powder or Meju in the Korean language, white and brown grains, barley, glutinous rice, and wheat. The traditional way of preparing this item is by mixing red pepper powder and glutinous rice in water. Then salt, malt, and Meju powder are added. This mixture is always prepared in an earthenware pot. As soon as the mixture is prepared, it is left for 8-12 months for fermentation. In recent times, people mostly use it as ketchup. Following are the health benefits of Gochujang. Read on.

Nutritional value of Gochujang:

Some essential nutrients obtained from Gochujang are vitamin C, iron, essential proteins, dietary fiber, and sodium. Vitamin C promotes overall growth and regulates immune response. A high concentration of sodium obtained from Gochujang help in maintaining homeostasis. Essential proteins help in muscle repair and hormone secretion. Your blood remains healthy due to high concentrations of iron in Gochujang. On the other hand, capsaicinoids, carotenoids, and flavonoids provide antioxidating effects.

Gochujang promotes weight loss:

According to some recent studies, gochujang acts on fat cells to prevent accumulation inside the body. results showed a decrease in fat accumulation. Capsaicin, obtained in high quantity in Gochujang,  increases metabolism as well as energy expenditure, eventually helping in weight loss.

Gochujang prevents diabetes:

Glucose metabolism is improved by regular consumption of Gochujang due to the reduced insulin resistance. Thus, nutritionists often suggest replacing tomato ketchup with Gochujang for diabetic patients.

Other benefits of Gochujang:

Gochujang contains a high amount of digestive enzyme protease and amylase. These two enzymes promote protein and carbohydrate breakdown respectively. Consequently, your digestion improves a lot. On the other hand, regular consumption of Gochujang reduces the risks of coronary heart disease due to the prevention of cholesterol accumulation inside the body. Some reports have also mentioned that Gochujang can reduce stress and anxiety. A few studies have also confirmed the anticancer, analgesic, and itch-relieving potential of Gochujang. As vitamin A is obtained in significant amounts, Gochujang is believed to improve eyesight.

Thanks to globalization, food materials that were only available in specific regions in earlier times are available to anybody, anywhere. So, start consuming Gochujang, a Korean superfood to improve your health status.