Happy birthday Song Joong Ki: His 5 outstanding dramas to watch

On Song Joong Ki’s birthday, here’s a primer on all his best works so far from Descendants of the Sun to Vincenzo.

His versatility and boyish charm are often discussed in the same breath. From playing the fearless soldier in Descendants of the Sun, or the innocent medical student who takes a fall for love in The Innocent Man, or the suave, calculating mafia consigliere in Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki has emerged as a crowd favourite.

So as he turns a year older on September 19th let’s revisit 5 of his outstanding dramas.

Descendants of the Sun

Featuring a star-crossed relationship between a soldier and a surgeon, Descendants of the Sun remains an all-time favourite of many.

Song Joong Ki plays Captain Yoo Shi Jin aka Big Boss, the leader of the special task team Alpha. Yoo Shi Jin is a maverick of sorts, a gallant and bright soldier for whom no challenge is insurmountable. Until he falls in love with Dr Kang (Song Hye Kyo).

He can take a bullet for love, but can he put his girlfriend at ease given the dangerous nature of his job?


Song Joong Ki plays Vincenzo Cassano, the suave, shrewd, and scheming consigliere, who embraces his villainy with panache.

Known to manipulate the truth, he can smoothly turn the tables in his favour. But things take an interesting turn when he turns into a vigilante and joins hands with a lawyer Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been) to bring down the biggest conglomerate and its boss Jun Woo (Ok Taecyeon).

Reborn Rich

Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) is a faithful secretary to an influential conglomerate family. But he is wrongly framed for embezzlement, and treacherously killed by them. Hyun Woo is reborn as the family’s youngest son Jin Do Joon and calculatingly plots his revenge and uncovers several secrets on the way.

The Innocent Man

Kang Ma Ru (Song Joong Ki) a medical intern, takes the fall for his girlfriend the incident turns his life upside down. His girlfriend betrays him, his future in shambles, Ma Ru sets on the path of self destruction. But he gets an opportunity to exact revenge when he meets his ex girlfriend’s step daughter. However, when he meets Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) he gets his perfect bait, only to realise he has become a pawn again.

Arthdal Chronicles

Set in the Bronze Age in the mythical land of Arth, weak indigenous tribes are trafficked by the powerful ones who conquer their land and torture them. Song Joong Ki stars in a double role as Eun Seom and Saya, long-lost identical twin brothers – one is a commoner, and the other a royal. While one is a free spirit and raw, the other is cold and can be cruel too. Will they be able to uncover their past, and join forces?
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