Habits To Avoid If You Want to Increase Your Productivity

Taking away a few bad habits can do wonders to increase our productivity.

Time isn’t stopping for anyone and honestly, with the kind of life that we are living, twenty four hours isn’t enough. All of us are looking to accommodate so much into just a few hours while also leading a quality and healthy life. However, most of us believe that adding tasks is the key to increase productivity when the truth is that taking away a few bad habits can do wonders instead.

Focussing on the Work instead of the Result

Most people believe that the more amount of work they clear on a single night, makes the day more productive. That is not necessarily true. Productivity is all about the results. Instead of putting in extra hours, focus on the result which would not only increase your productivity, but also your efficiency.

Taking Too Many Breaks During Work

Hours of sitting before the computer could make you feel like the vein in your head is about to pop but too many breaks could be bad for your productivity. While it is necessary to take breaks in order to recharge yourself, taking short breaks every two-three minutes slows you down. Too many breaks mean too many distractions –simple math!

Not Setting Your Priorities

It is not important for you to check off every little box on your “to-do” list for the day. Setting your priorities straight helps you focus your energy and time on what really matters. This, in turn, allows you to make optimum utilisation of time, which increases your productivity.

Piling Up Work

We often tend to bite more than we can chew and that leads us to trouble. Avoid taking too much work than you can handle and set realistic goals for yourself. This will allow you to make time for the tasks in hand and not let you struggle with a never-ending pile of work at the end of the day.

Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

More than 80% of people check their phones the first thing in the morning. While it is important to stay active and connect with people on social media, avoid wasting too much of your time on it. Social media not only eats up most of our productive hours but is also the main source of too many distractions that lingers on our minds longer than you would think.