Google to Introduce iPhone-Like Battery Health Tracker for Android Devices

The existence of the APIs is a good indication that Google is working on the feature and intends to release it someday. 

iPhone users have been able to track the health of their batteries thanks to the software features that Apple added a few years ago. And soon Android users could also get a similar option that tells you the battery health of their device. Android 14 is just around the corner, and Google shared details about some of its features at I/O 2023 last month.

How was it developed? 

Now, a keen observer and renowned tipster, Mishaal Rehman, has discovered elements of this battery health tool in Android 14 that could be part of the feature list when the version publicly rolls out later this year. Mishaal first noticed the traces of the feature with the new BatteryManager API that Google seems to have added in Android 14.

He claimed that the charging cycle and charging status details were public, while other device information was part of the system APIs. Mishaal says he had recently bought the Pixel 7 Pro and got to know about this app, which has the battery health feature API built into it if you are using a phone with Android 14.

Having said that, he does warn that the app is only giving results that the API gathers, so it is possible that the battery health of your phone might be better or worse than what the app is showing. The app is open source and available for download from GitLab, which means regular users cannot download it from the app store. But it is good to see that battery health as an option could soon be available on Android, and it is high time that Google makes it a default Android feature so that other phone makers using Android can offer it via their different custom Android platforms.

Speciality of this feature 

iPhone users have used the battery health metric to keep a track of their phone’s charging cycle and overall life. Apple has even seen the perils of offering these details as many iPhone 6 and 6s users complained that their battery was degrading faster than usual.

People are hoping Android manages to offer all these details and help consumers determine the health of their device.