Good Will Hunting - A Movie Review

A gifted brain with an odd personality, this movie will hunt you down!

A movie can sometimes change your perspective towards good things or bad things, it may inspire you or you may see yourself or your life as one of the movie plots. There is a saying that a plot is always taken from our real world. Although some may say that sometimes we try to bend our realities according to a movie plot. Good Will Hunting is a masterpiece with a very interesting plot. This movie has so many contradictions with many messages and morals.

The plot: Good Will Hunting

Gus Van Sant is the mastermind behind this creation. Good Will Hunting is beyond the expectations and that is what makes it unique. Giving a description is betrayal although a little story may not affect the honesty. The plot is well designed with many odd things and the beauty of a human brain is preserved well.

Story Telling: A Perfect Method

This is a story of a young mind, with an atrocious lifestyle and abrupt behaviour. The hub of brilliant brains, MIT has again played a great role in it. The director gave this character a satisfyingly brilliant brain to change his life from top to bottom. The whole process was supposed to be tough with so many stereotypes and negative people, but a mathematics professor, a psychologist, and a beautiful lady made that more interesting and noteworthy.

Positive Remarks: Perseverance and Love

The character is portrayed as a stubborn but gifted person. Where society may see a normal worker as a talentless person, a professor preserved a different concept. Apart from this, the psychologist made the whole story more interesting with his odd presence and morals. Throughout the movie, the possibility of change is heavily described. Perseverance was shown towards Will, the main character, and slowly but ultimately he took it with a positive reaction.

Abstractness: Odd One Out

It may seem that this movie is nothing but a biography, but it is not. This 1997 film is a ground of many talented actors who played their roles like they are living like that every day and made it a fairy tale. The abstractness and beauty of every single frame are remarkable. They may seem like a bunch of odd people and odd decisions with odd circumstances, which makes a perfect Good Will Hunting.

Conclusion: Must Watch

Giving a review of a film like this is tough because the chances of revealing the story increase with it. Although this review will create an interest in you which will lead you to watch this. This movie will win your heart away.