Good News of the Day: PM Narendra Modi bestowed with Highest Honour of Fiji for Global Leadership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been bestowed with the esteemed "Companion of the Order of Fiji" for his remarkable global leadership.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been awarded the prestigious "Companion of the Order of Fiji," the highest honor of Fiji. This rare recognition for a non-Fijian was bestowed upon PM Modi by his Fijian counterpart, Sitiveni Rabuka, in tribute to his exceptional global leadership.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office, this recognition is a momentous honor for India. The highest honor of Fiji, the "Companion of the Order of Fiji," has been conferred upon Prime Minister Modi by the Prime Minister of Fiji himself. This acknowledgment underscores PM Modi's remarkable global leadership, and he joins a select group of esteemed individuals who have received this honor.

Expressing gratitude, Prime Minister Modi dedicated this esteemed honor to the people of India and the generations of the Fiji-Indian community. The Ministry of External Affairs conveyed on Twitter that this recognition symbolizes the special and enduring bond between India and Fiji, with the Fiji-Indian community playing a pivotal role in fostering this cherished relationship.

The Ministry of External Affairs expressed on Twitter that Prime Minister Modi graciously dedicated the bestowed honor to the people of India and the successive generations of the Fiji-Indian community. The Fijian-Indian community has played a vital role in fostering the enduring and special bond between the two nations, making their contribution invaluable.

Highest Civilian Honor from Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, recognizing Prime Minister Modi's outstanding efforts in promoting unity among Pacific Island countries and leading the Global South agenda, conferred upon him its highest civilian order, the Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu (GCL). This esteemed award, rarely bestowed upon non-residents of the island nations, underscores the significant impact of PM Modi's initiatives and advocacy.

Global Recognition: PM Modi's Honors and Strengthening Ties

Prime Minister Modi has been honored with the highest civilian accolades from multiple nations, exemplifying his exceptional leadership and visionary approach that has fortified India's prominence on the global platform. These commendations not only signify PM Modi's impact but also highlight the burgeoning relationships between India and nations across the globe.


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