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Golden Retriever day: Winter Care Tips, Photography Ideas And Training Techniques For Your Furry Friend

Hello Cynophiles! It's your day to celebrate with your furry friend!

Golden Retriever is considered one of the most famous breeds due to their kind and gentle nature. Because of incredible loyalty golden retriever make the perfect companion for people who crave for four-legged companionship. Irrespective of your mood, a Golden Retriever can always bring a sweet smile on your face with its affection and goofiness.

Every year, on 3rd February, Golden retriever day is celebrated all across the globe. In this article, we will discuss about some important pet care techniques in winter, exciting photography ideas and easy training techniques.

Winter care tips for golden retriever:

From cozy cuddles to paw care, here's some important winter wellness checklist for your golden retriever to ensure a season of joy and warmth. Remember that, winter or late winter is the time when your pet needs some extra care.

Give your furry friend a snazzy sweater or even a cozy jacket to withstand the cold weather. But, never let it wear throughout the day. Grab some adorable boots to protect their feet from the cold and harmful substances. Don't forget to wipe their paws after a stroll outside.

In cold temperature, pets usually become very lazy. Thus, you need to make them active. Engage your pet in more indoor games with interactive toys or fun sports to get them moving in this season. Arrange a treasure hunt with hidden treats.

You need to increase food supply for your pet, especially protein. But, never overfeed them. In winter, focus on giving them healthy treats packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

The dry cold weather may promote a lot of skin issues in your pet. You can apply coconut oil to prevent skin drying. Never let them sleep on the cold floor. Prepare a cozy bedding area with warm blanket for your pooch.

There are some signs to get alerted in winter like shivering, whimpering, lethargy, exhaustion, and difficulty in breathing.

Exciting Photography tips:

If you want to click some brilliant photos of your furry buddy, follow these steps. Remember, patience is the key for any pet photoshoot. One idea is to focus on their face and blur the background to click the best quality photograph. Use a wide aperture for this type of clicks. By adding some elements like plants, you can make your photo more creative. You can also be innovative with different props to help your pet give certain pose. When your pet is playing in the ground, you can click some adorable action shots. For this type of candid moments, ensure a fast shutter and burst mode in your camera. Also, you can choose the favourite spot of your pet to click some adorable pictures of resting or sleeping. Another famous photography idea is to keep something like flowers or a small object on its nose to click a picture. But, you have to be extremely quick in this case as they won't stay in that position for a long time.

Easy training techniques:

Training a golden retriever has some challenges, but this variety is the most compliant and docile in nature, so you can easily overcome those obstacles. Golden retrievers, generally, listen to basic obedience training peacefully as they like to please their owners. As they are highly energetic, you need to be a lot more patient, consistent and affectionate. Not only the younger ones, the older ones can also be trained effectively. You need to give them sufficient time for exercising to reduce their energy level. Make sure to socialize with other breeds and give them different sorts of training with multiple tools. Apart from all the love, the puppy must understand that you are the boss and should consistently take actions to make them realise about the consequences of their behavior.

Due to trainability, natural intelligence, and disposition, Golden Retrievers are ideal candidates for service dog roles, such as guide dogs for the blind or search-and-rescue activities. If you are not having pets, give these pawsome friends the warmth of a loving home with open hearts.