Global Cricket Sensation Chris Gayle and Singer Arko Create Musical Marvel ‘Oh Fatima’; Collaboration Goes Viral

Describing it as an exceptional partnership, the Jamaican southpaw batsman hailed the song as a phenomenal collaboration with Arko.

Celebrated former West Indies skipper Chris Gayle has collaborated with singer 'Arko' to create the sensational track 'Oh Fatima'. The dynamic duo has shed light on the motivation behind their viral hit, which has been causing a stir on various social media platforms.


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Gayle's Musical Odyssey: From Cricket to Dancehall

In November 2020, the Jamaican sports icon ventured into the music industry with the release of his dancehall music video "We Come Out To Party". Prior to that, he had already showcased glimpses of his partying lifestyle in an earlier video.

Continuing his musical journey, Gayle collaborated with Indian rapper Emiway Bantai, and together they unveiled the music video "Jamaica to India" in April 2021. Keeping the momentum alive, Gayle excitedly announced the upcoming release of his song "Punjabi Daddy" in September 2021, revealing his intention to don a Sikh turban for the occasion.

Talking about this latest track, Gayle said, as reported by Outlook, "My stint with India and IPL has always been memorable and (my) natural love for music and singing is complete with 'OH FATIMA'. Great song, great locations, brilliant partnership and a super collaboration with Arko and the team will be a treat for people globally."

'Oh Fatima' is one of the biggest desi videshi collaborations: Arko

In their pursuit to elevate the Indian music industry onto a global platform, Arko emphasized their shared objective. He expressed his anticipation for the song's release, eagerly awaiting its reception by the audience.

He said, "Oh Fatima' is one of the biggest desi videshi collaboration. Our aim is to take the Indian music industry to a global platform. Fatima is a personification of the same. Chris Gayle is a global icon; his dynamic personality resonates on the cricket pitch and in his music. The song is super cool, and I can't wait for everyone to see the video and hear the entire song. Through this foot-tapping, energetic song, Indian & Jamaican styles of music come together in a melody created to make you swoon, groove, and enjoy life."

Song's teaser


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Set to be released on May 22nd, the song "Oh Fatima" is directed by Rammji Gulatii and produced by Nishant Dayal and Sujit Tiwari.