Getting WhatsApp calls from international numbers? Check out 5 things you need to immediately do

Many Indians have reported getting unsolicited calls and messages from international numbers on WhatsApp.

Scammers have been using messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to dupe them of their hard-earned money. Now scammers are trying out different ways to trick users, and are calling and messaging from international numbers to offer them part-time jobs. Nonetheless, Indians seem to be an easy target when it comes to part time jobs.

In fact, in the past few weeks, these calls have become extremely common, and several Indians have reported getting unsolicited calls and messages from international numbers on WhatsApp. Coming from unknown numbers, these calls are often a source of frustration and confusion for users. So, if you are also constantly getting such calls, here are five things you should immediately do:

--Do not answer the call

If you receive a call from an international number that you do not know, avoid answering it, because answering it could put you at risk of falling victim to a scam or fraud.

--Do not respond to messages related to financial benefits

If you receive a message from an international number offering financial benefits, it is most likely a scam. Do not respond to these messages, and immediately report them to WhatsApp.

--Block the number

If you get multiple calls from the same international number, it is best to just block the number. You can do that by tapping on the number in your call log, or by selecting the option to block the number.

--Report the number 

If you believe that the international number is a spam, fraud, or other malicious activity, just report the number to WhatsApp.

--Enable two-factor authentication

To further protect your WhatsApp account, enable two-factor authentication, which would require a verification code to be entered apart from your password when logging into your account.

Overall, it is important to be careful when using WhatsApp and other messaging platforms, in case you are receiving calls and messages from unknown international numbers.