Get rid of stubborn back fat

It takes a village to get rid of stubborn back fat.

A lot of factors go into getting a lean back – genetics, diet, exercising. Spot reducing does not work on the back flabs right over the waist and the love handles. What does work is targeted strength training that does not reduce but strengthens and tones the back fat. You’ll however have to lose fat throughout to get a defined back. An intensive resistance training for the upper back part of the body will be the answer to getting rid of the stubborn body fat.

To banish back fat, a calorific deficit needs to be created. Like any other form of weight loss, creating a calorific deficit is important. It simply means you have to lose more calories than you consume. Choosing food which are high on fibre, cutting down on food that have low nutritional value and more calories will help the said calorific deficit. Sugary drinks, processed food, processed or bleached grains are a big no-no.

Exercises are extremely helpful in strengthening the upper, middle and lower back muscles, eventually giving it the triangle toned shape. Shoulder strengthening exercises like lateral presses with dumbbellsand overhead press exercise would help. Exercising the latissimus dorsi – the winged shaped muscles in the middle of the back – will tone it, giving the appearance of a smaller and toned waist as well.Side bend exercises with added weight is helpful in tapering both the sides, especially the love handles.

The lower back is responsible for our posture. The erector spinae need to be strengthen which will improve the posture and firm the back. An extension exercises like dumbbell pullover, barbell pullover, row with resistance bands, barbell rows and high rows are effective in giving the lower back the strength training it needs. But it is important to be comfortable with planks and other basic exercises before adding additional weight to it. Since we are dealing with the lower back and the spine, it is important to know how to do the exercises properly, so as not to hurt the spine.

Other exercises that target upper and lower back should also be incorporated in the fitness routine.

  1. Planks – Planks work on the core and helps in toning the back. It also provides stability and strength over time.
  2. Push ups – Push ups give lumbar stability and strengthens the back muscles.
  3. Lat pulldown – The lat pulldown helps toning the lats – middle back attached to the vertebral column – giving it a toned and defined shape.
  4. Side crunches – Side crunches help in getting defined abs and also trains the obliques.
  5. Rowing – The seated cable will work on the back muscles and latissimus dorsi.