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From Player to Coach: The Inspiring Journey of Nikita Kumar

From overcoming the loss of her left hand in a tragic accident to reigning as the top coach at the UP State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament, Nikita Kumar's legacy surely inspires the world.

Embarking on her journey as a school-level champion at the tender age of five, Nikita's passion for table tennis has now reached new heights. On a recent Sunday in Lucknow, her dedication and expertise were duly recognized as she was crowned the top coach at the inaugural UP State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament. This achievement marks not only a personal triumph for Nikita but also a testament to her unwavering commitment and prowess in nurturing talent in the dynamic sports of table tennis. Nikita's ascent to becoming the best coach at the UP State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament is even more awe-inspiring considering the adversity she faced. In 2012, a road accident led to the amputation of her left hand. While such a traumatic incident could have shattered the resolve of many, Nikita emerged from the ordeal with unparalleled resilience.

Her Accident

Unknown to Nikita Kumar, the course of her life took an unexpected and drastic turn on the ill-fated night of March 18, 2012. At the tender age of 21, she found herself in the midst of tragedy as the car she and four friends were in collided with a divider. The repercussions were severe, leading to the unfortunate demise of one friend and inflicting grievous injuries upon Nikita and the remaining three. The harsh aftermath of the accident left Nikita with no choice but to undergo the amputation of her left hand. While the incident undoubtedly left her devastated, it also provided her with a unique opportunity to delve deep into self-reflection. Nikita, amidst the challenges posed by her changed circumstances, discovered a reservoir of strength within herself.

The Comeback

The physical and emotional toll of such an ordeal could have easily overwhelmed anyone, yet Nikita's resilience shone through. This unforeseen twist in her life became a catalyst for profound introspection. within a mere two years of overcoming this life-altering setback, Nikita not only found herself back on the table tennis court but also represented India at the Asian Para Games in Incheon in 2014. Competing in the TT9-10 category, she not only defied the physical limitations imposed by her amputation but also showcased exceptional skill and determination on an international stage.

Nikita Kumar, fueled by the unwavering support of her parents and sister, Nupur Kumar, embarked on a transformation journey. Together, they founded the Ramprastha Table Tennis Academy in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This endeavor not only marked a significant personal triumph for Nikita but also signaled the birth of a nurturing space for aspiring table tennis enthusiasts. In her role as a coach, Nikita has not only become a revered figure but has also garnered the affection and respect of her trainees.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by her family, Nikita expresses gratitude to her mother, Meenu Chaudhary, a professional sports psychologist, and her sister, Nupur Kumar, a certified International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Level I coach. Their collective guidance has been instrumental in steering the academy towards success and nurturing a supportive environment for both physical and mental development.

Now 27, Nikita, currently participating in the 11 Sports-West Zone National-ranking table tennis tournament, remains steadfast in her commitment to the academy. With some of her proteges competing in the cadet and youth categories, she is unwaveringly focused on enhancing the academy's standards and honing the skills of the young players under her wing.

The journey from a resilient athlete overcoming personal adversity to a beloved coach is a testament to Nikita's dedication and passion for the sport. Her journey is nothing less than inspiring.