From oatmeal to dry fruits, check out these healthy alternatives instead of junk food

It’s time to get over junk food and go for the healthy alternatives!

From a full-size pizza to a small ice cream cone, all these junk foods know how to attract foodies even when they’re on a diet. Junk food does satisfy our hunger and mouth but we all know the harsh truth of it, that it isn’t enough to satisfy our body’s nutritional requirements, rather it’s unhealthy for our heart, stomach, and brain. So what are some tasty alternatives that can give us nutrition too? To discover, let's jump in.

Seeded crackers:

Seeded crackers are nowadays available and can also be made at home with common kitchen ingredients. Most seeded crackers are oil-free, sugar-free, and highly packed with protein and fiber. Seeded crackers can be a tasty alternative to bagels, chips, wafers, and other kinds of crackers. These crackers usually contain sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and varieties of other seeds. Apart from protein, fiber-seeded crackers also contain zinc, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

Dry fruits:

If you’re someone who keeps craving sweet and sugary junk, then dry fruits are a must-try alternative. Dry fruits may not have hundreds of varieties like candies, nor do they taste as sweet as confectionaries but they are much healthier for sure. Candies mostly contain sugar, food color, and preservatives but in the case of dry fruits you’ll be getting several different kinds of nutrients depending on what dry fruits you buy.

Veggie Crisps:

Veggie crisps are a great alternative if you’re someone who keeps munching potato chips now and then. Veggie crisps have a few different varieties such as baked, fried, deep fried, and dried so if you’re avoiding potato chips for their containing oil and salt then it would be wise to avoid fried or deep fried veg crisps too.

Homemade Ice-Pops:

Ice creams are the kind of dessert we all crave but it’s mostly loaded with fat and contains little to no vitamin, but we have a healthier alternative for you. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about ice pops. The nutritional value of an ice pop completely depends on what fruits and other ingredients you select to make them.


Oatmeals have become a trendy, fulfilling food among vegans and fitness freak people. Oatmeal can fulfill your stomach as well as any other junk does. Oatmeals are commonly taken as breakfast but having oatmeal for lunch or snack is also fine. This food can be well customized with several kinds of fruits. The more selected fruits you add to your bowl of oatmeal the healthier you can make it.