From Lavish Seats to Tray Tables, Check out This Swanky Auto-Rickshaw in Bengaluru!

Bengaluru's viral auto-rickshaw features luxurious amenities like plush seats, table trays, rollable glass windows, a digital screen, coloured lights, and posters of Shankar Nag and Puneeth Rajkumar.

Auto-rickshaws are a familiar presence in cities, both large and small, throughout the country. Although commuters do not anticipate luxury or special amenities in these three-wheelers, drivers frequently enhance their vehicles to entice customers, going beyond expectations.

An extraordinary auto-rickshaw in Bengaluru has captured the attention of online audiences. This remarkable vehicle boasts lavish seats, convenient table trays, and a cooling fan, all enclosed within rollable glass windows. A futuristic touch is added with a digital screen near the steering wheel, while vibrant coloured lights illuminate the interior. Paying homage to late actors Shankar Nag and Puneeth Rajkumar, their posters adorn the rear of this exceptional auto-rickshaw.

On June 1, Twitter user Ajith Sahani (@ajithkumar1995a) shared a video of the aforementioned auto-rickshaw online. Sahani expressed admiration, stating, "Hello #Bengaluru, what a remarkable and delightful auto. Has anyone travelled in such a magnificent vehicle?"

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Responding to the viral auto-rickshaw, a Twitter user exclaimed, "Beautiful & very nice. Gives a lot of pleasure to travel in such an auto. Please provide his contact number to travel in this auto." Another individual praised, "Hi-tech Auto in Smart City #Bengaluru - the pride in what they do!"

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the Mother of Innovation"

Earlier this week, a Punjabi driver amused netizens with his upgraded version of an autorickshaw that has an air cooler installed. To beat the heat and make the journey comfortable for both the customers and the drivers, this Punjabi man came up with a unique idea—something we have never seen before!

The video, which was uploaded on Instagram, went viral in no time, garnering more than five lakh likes and five hundred comments. While many users simply expressed their amazement in the comment section, some were sceptical about its authenticity given that there's no electricity inside the autorickshaw.

Watch the video here:

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In a remarkable incident from November 2019, Satyawan Gite, a driver hailing from Mumbai, gained widespread attention for crafting an extraordinary 'home system auto-rickshaw.' This one-of-a-kind vehicle boasted amenities such as a washbasin, mobile phone charging points, lush plants, and even a television screen, leaving viewers astounded.