From Heartbreak to Triumph: Lionel Messi's Argentina Journey Gets the Green Light for Four-Part Documentary Series

Apple TV has now greenlit a captivating four-part documentary series chronicling Messi's illustrious career with the Argentina national team. Stay updated on Lionel Messi's journey with live updates on InsideSport.IN.


Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi's career has been nothing short of a fairytale. While he achieved great success with FC Barcelona, the same couldn't be said for his time with the National Team.

Despite experiencing three heartbreaking final losses, one in the World Cup and two in the Copa America, it seemed like destiny was against him. However, everything changed dramatically. Messi secured victories in the Copa America, Finalissima, and the World Cup within a span of two years. Apple TV has now given the green light to a captivating four-part documentary series that delves into Messi's illustrious journey with the Argentina national team. Stay tuned for live updates on Lionel Messi's achievements on InsideSport.IN.

The streaming giants are set to broadcast an upcoming series, yet to be titled, that will closely follow Messi's journey with the Albiceleste in the past five FIFA World Cups, as well as his future aspirations for his national team. The show will offer exclusive behind-the-scenes footage filmed in Paris, Argentina, Qatar, and various other locations.

Messi's World Cup triumph

The winter of 2022 witnessed Messi's remarkable triumph in the World Cup, undoubtedly his greatest accomplishment. In an exclusive report by Deadline, the 35-year-old football maestro is set to share his personal journey representing the Argentinian national team, with a special focus on his relentless pursuit of World Cup glory.

The documentary will showcase captivating footage meticulously captured by filmmakers throughout this historic event, providing a glimpse into Messi's world - from the intense training sessions on Argentinean fields to the more intimate settings of his hotel room. According to sources, the Apple TV documentary will offer a unique perspective on Messi's World Cup aspirations, delving into both the personal and private aspects of his extraordinary quest.

About Messi's Docuseries

The upcoming program will delve deep into Lionel Messi's illustrious career, featuring interviews with teammates, coaches, opponents, fans, and media figures. It will chronicle his journey with the Argentina national team, from his debut as an 18-year-old to his crowning achievement of winning the World Cup, which will serve as a pivotal moment in the storytelling.

During his first appearance for Argentina against Hungary in a friendly match in 2005, Messi received a red card at just 18 years old. Undeterred, he continued on his path until a sudden retirement in 2016, only to come back and clinch the coveted trophy in Qatar.

Approaching his 20th year in international football, Messi's extraordinary career has shattered numerous records. He stands as one of only three World Cup-winning captains and holds the records for the most matches played (174) and goals scored (102) in the Argentina men's team.

Having participated in five World Cups for the Albiceleste, Messi has consistently been the guiding light for the Argentinean team. Following the disappointment of losing the 2016 Copa America Final to Chile, Messi initially announced his international retirement but ultimately reversed his decision.

Produced by Smuggler Entertainment for Apple, the project is led by Emmy winner Tim Pastore as the executive producer. It promises an intimate and comprehensive exploration of Lionel Messi's remarkable journey on the global stage.