From banana bread to mug recipes, top baking trends you can follow

You can easily make them at home!


The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people to limit their restaurant food and cook at home instead. Nonetheless, some of them were first-timers who had to enter their kitchen to prepare their meals. While some tried different delicacies by whipping them at the comfort of their home, others decided to come up with new kinds of food combinations. Some of the latter caught people’s attention and ended up becoming trends online. Same was the case with bakery products that people tried at their homes. So let’s take a look at the top baking trends that you can follow:


Banana bread


Do you know that a Google Trends report this year suggested that banana bread was the most-searched recipe online. Guess what? After the banana bread recipe went viral online, celebs like Alia Bhatt, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor, and others tried to make their versions. 


Focaccia bread art


It would not be wrong to say that people struggled a lot with boredom this year, and hence, they made sure that their food looks interesting. The outcome was bread art, and it involved decorating it with edible items like flowers, cherries, tomatoes, fresh herbs, among others. 


Pancake cereals


Another baking trend that emerged and found its place in almost all kitchens is pancake cereals. In this case, people replaced regular cereal with miniature pancakes. From using vegan gluten-free to adding flavoured icing, the pancake cereal trend went viral.


Pizza cereals


Pizza cereals, just like pancake cereals, is made by replacing cereals with mini pizzas. Also, Valentina Mussi from Miami popularised the trend, and people were quick to follow. 


Froggy bread


As strange as the name sounds, froggy bread is your own version of bread but in the shape of a frog. 


Cloud bread


Social media users also came up with another baking recipe which they called “cloud bread”, a trend which was reportedly started by a girl from Los Angeles. While the fluffy bread might seem a little complicated to bake, it is made with just egg whites, cornstarch and white sugar. Use food colours to accentuate its overall look.


Mug recipes


From mug cake to mug pizza, these quick recipes are on everybody’s list as they can be made easily between household chores and work from home if you ever crave good food.

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