French Open 2023: Injury Sustained During Armed Robbery Forces Nick to Withdraw

Nick Kyrgios' withdrawal from the French Open, according to the Australian's agent, is being caused by an injury to his foot that was allegedly incurred during an armed car theft.

Nick Kyrgios' agent denied speculation that the star player's withdrawal from Rolland Garros was due to knee surgery.

The Australian underwent operations in January to mend a torn left meniscus, and the French Tennis Federation announced this week that the Australian would miss Roland Garros as a result.

However, his representative told The Canberra Times that although his knee was "fine," he would not be in Paris the following week due to a terrible cut on his foot.

Official statement from Kyrgios' agent 

Daniel Horsfall, the agent for Nick Kyrgios, ruled out the possibility of a knee operation as a cause.

"The knee surgery went as well as it possibly could, and his rehabilitation was fantastic, and we were at the point where we were doing on-court loading and management," Daniel Horsfall told the newspaper, as quoted by News 18.

"We needed to be at a point that he could comfortably play five sets. Right when we were getting stuck into the loading period, the (alleged) armed robbery happened at his house.

"During the ordeal, he cut his foot quite badly. It’s not healing correctly, and he can’t put in the work on court, so he’s been off court for almost two weeks now."

The incident

A man allegedly brandished a weapon at Kyrgios' mother in court papers quoted by the national network ABC earlier this month before snatching the athlete's lime-green Tesla close to his Canberra home.

The 28-year-old Kyrgios, who was close by, called the police, and they were able to find his car through an application on his phone. How he wounded his foot is unknown.

The world No. 26 and 2022 Wimbledon champion has not participated in the French Open since losing in the second round in 2017.