Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch Korean Drama

If you are searching for a way to get your fix of Korean drama, here are some free online streaming platforms that will let you enjoy your favourite shows for free. Korean dramas are steadily gaining popularity among millions of viewers across the globe, starting from romantic dramas to comedy shows, action movies, thrillers, and more. There are plenty of options to choose from. Sadly Korean dramas are quite difficult to find since they are not as popular as the western ones are among the mass. But fret not! Here's a list of websites where you can stream your favourite K-Drama for free. iFlix iFlix is one of the top websites for streaming K-Dramas. iFlix offers an impressive collection of entertaining TV shows and movies. To download or stream content from iFlix, you will have to create an account. iFlix offers free content, but to enjoy it better without the interruption of advertisements, you must subscribe to the premium option. Viki For a very good reason, Viki is a fantastic streaming platform for Korean drama. It does not just show dramas from Korea, but also Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dramas, to name a few. Viki offers a wide array of content, starting from Sci-Fi movies to action series, fantasy, drama, historical & period movies, and more. Viki offers free streaming, but it also features an affordable membership plan for a year. The premium membership offers access to HD quality videos without the interruption of advertisements. Viu Viu is a lot like Viki in terms of the show's content and user interface. The streaming site has Korean movies, dramas, and a variety of shows, including a range of reality entertainment programs, TV shows, and anime series not just from Korea but also from Japan, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. WeTV WeTV is owned by Tencent and is also known as Tencent Video. This popular streaming site offers an impressive library of hit Korean dramas, as well as blockbuster anime series and flicks from Thailand, Japan, and China. Dubbing and subtitles are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The best part is, accessing WeTV is free. Kocowa If you love Korean variety shows, you must have already heard of Kocowa. But did you know that Kocowa has its own online streaming service - the product of a collaboration between the three biggest South Korean broadcasters: the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, the Korean Broadcasting System, and the Seoul Broadcasting System. You will find all the best Korean content on this platform. From Korean dramas to romantic comedies and thrillers, there is no shortage of content on these online streaming platforms.