Four Mythological Stories that reminds you of Your Childhood

Black Cat Crossing your Path is a bad Omen In the middle ages, people believed many old ladies were witches and their cats were also associated with witchcraft. In 1233, Pope Gregory declared the black cats to be Devil’s Incarnation. As the Church had a huge dominance over the society, people started killing black cats, leaving their population zero? Rat population immediately shot up and brought in the worst kind of plague, called Black Death. There was a common belief that if someone witnessed a cat crossing his path, he was sure to be cursed unless he spat three times over his shoulder. Pandora’s Box Zeus, the king of gods was very angry with Prometheus for bringing fire to man, and decided to punish humankind. He created Pandora, the first woman on earth. Gods and goddesses showered her with gifts and Zeus gave her two gifts: Curiosity and a heavy box called “pithos.” Curiosity took over and Pandora opened the box.  Demons came out of the box surrounding her with black clouds. Then she heard a sweet noise coming out of the box. She told her that she was Hope in the face of pathos that came out before. Thus, hope keeps our life going. How Athens got its name Attica was a beautiful place in ancient Greece and gods Poseidon and goddess Athena fought to be patron of the city. Poseidon created a sea by hitting the ground with his trident to show his power, while the beautiful Athena created an olive tree and assured the people that if they name it after her she will fill the city with beauty and wisdom. All the men voted for Poseidon but all the women, who were majority, voted for Athena. Thus, the city was named Athens after her. Athena and Arachne Arachne was a girl who was extraordinarily gifted in weaving and spinning and people came to her from far countries. Athena heard about her reputation and challenged her in a competition. While Athena weaved a beautiful piece showing all the gods sitting at Mount Olympus and doing great deeds for the people, while Arachne weaved a better silken piece, but showing the gods in a drunken state and abusing their powers. This infuriated Athena further who shrank her to a black spider using her spell. Thus, she abused her power proving Arachne right.