Food Coma: Must-try Rajasthani desserts

Rajasthanis boasts of their royal tradition and culture via their delectable cuisine.

Post a heavy and spicy meal; you generally crave something sweet to satiate your palate. How about trying a piece of the flavourful Rajasthani dessert?

Below is a list of some decadent desserts from Rajasthan you need to try.

  • Ghevar
Ghevar is made from refined flour, milk and ghee, and soaked in sugar syrup. While the general shape of this dessert is a disc, it can also found in various other shapes and sizes depending on the variant you order. We recommend trying this classic dessert topped with rabri (thickened sweetened milk).
  • Mawa Kachori
Filled with mawa and nuts, the pastry dessert is a mouthwatering festive dish. The best part about the dish is that it dipped in sugar syrup before being served.
  • Chenna Malpua
Chenna Malpua is a delicate and lacy dessert made with paneer, sugar, cornflour, ghee, almond and nutmeg powder. The dessert is best enjoyed with a dollop of rabri on top, as it effortlessly melts in your mouth.
  • Dikushar
Also known as besan ki chakki or mohan thal, dikushar is a soft and chewy dessert made during weddings and festivities. It is a complicated dish to master and is made with besan, mawa, sugar milk, almonds, cardamom powder and ghee.
  • Doodhiya Kheech
A famous winter dessert, doodhiya kheech is a mouthwatering sweet prepared using hulled wheat, milk, nuts and sugar. During the cold winter months, the dessert will be nothing short of a hug.
  • Churma Ladoo
A festive dessert, churma ladoo is enjoyed all across India during festivals and fasting. It is prepared using besan, poppy seeds, milk, cardamom powder and jaggery. You can easily eat the entire ladoo in one go, as you feel it break and dissolve inside your mouth.
  • Imarti
Imarti, a common dessert in Rajasthan, is a deep-fried and sugar-loaded mouthwatering dessert. A bite of the royal and soft imarti with a piping hot sip of milk is heaven on earth for all dessert lovers.
  • Sohan Halwa
Best enjoyed with a glass of milk, Sohan Halwa is a nutty piece of heaven that will be calling you to take a bite. It is a crunchy, round and chewy dessert that will have you craving for it, even after finishing a bowl full of it.

Ready to feel the sugar rush?