Five steps to adopting a street dog

If you love dogs, they will love you.

Street dogs, especially Indie dogs, are very easy to be taken care of, and that’s why they are the best for adoption. It is easier if you adopt a puppy at an early age. First, make sure that the dog you are planning to adopt has left its connection to the mother at the age of eight to twelve weeks, and it is not someone else’s pet. Then follow the simple steps to adopt it.

Asses its temperament

Not all dogs are good pets. Some are good to be on roads. They are more comfortable there. To identify a dog to make your pet while following its behaviour properly. If the puppy is sociable and easy to handle, makes eye contact, then it is fine to be at home as a pet. So, identification is the most important thing here.

Get friendly with the dog.

Firstly, after basic identification, provide food to the dog and come back. If the dog eats the food and stares at you while nodding its tail, you get a positive indication from the dog. Then go close to it, sit down at its level, and try to make eye contact. If it starts sniffing and licking your feet or anywhere, you should understand that it is ready to be your friend. After that, give food regularly and play for a while daily. Thus, in a few days, you two will be good friends.

Provide space and time for a change inhabit

But, the change of atmosphere from road to home is not easy to cope up with for the puppy. So, it needs a few days to get used to being in a bounded space. So, to make that habit, provide a big space with a proper supply of food and water. Give it time on a regular basis. For the very first days, it will try to run towards the road, but you must handle it in the softest way. Otherwise, it may get traumatised.

Visit a Vet

Indie street dogs are naturally more immune than foreign ones. Instead, it needs regular medical care and proper vaccinations. There can be skin diseases, infections, tapeworms, mange etc., in its body that needs to be checked and treated as soon as possible with the proper supervision of a Veterinarian.

Set your home up: bring it in

Now, if all is set, then set up your home for the dog. Buy a leash or belt, bowls, brush, shampoo, powder, toys, bed and blanket for the dog. Ensure enough supply for food and water. Confirm that all you need to keep it in is ready at your home, and bring it in.

After bringing it home, there are a few steps like making a proper routine, providing proper training with expertise, food on time, regular medical checks up, and so so. But, these are not so hard. So, if you are planning to, here are your steps. Just go, and get your new friend in.

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