Five Science-backed Measures That Can Prevent Dehydration

Our body loses water every day through natural bodily functions, but dehydration occurs when our body loses more fluids than we are taking in.  The human body mostly constitutes electrolytes and water, and we are required to strictly maintain the proper balance of these bodily fluids in our system. Staying hydrated will not just help avoid various health hazards but will likely make you feel better overall by boosting your brain function, preventing fatigue, and improving your mood. Check out some science-backed ways that can help you combat dehydration. Quickly Respond to Quench Your Thirst We often easily get engrossed in our day-to-day activities and forget to instantly respond to our thirst cues, but that is how our body communicates with us to indicate that we require more fluids. Always keep a water bottle near you and take a swig to quench your thirst every time it strikes. You may also set personal hydration goals by challenging yourself to drink a bottle of water before lunch to maintain your bodily fluids. Avoid Excessive Elimination and Evaporation Sweat loss is a major issue during summer. Thus, staying cool is crucial to maintaining hydration. To maintain cooler temperatures and comfortable humidity, you may use an air conditioner indoors. It is significant to choose hydrating fluids wisely. Even though a lot of people rely on caffeine and other beverages during summer days, they are not as good as water for hydration. These are not ideal options for the purpose of regular hydration. Use a Moisturizer The water evaporates through our skin all day long. Therefore, we must protect our skin daily. If you are prone to dry skin, try to maintain moisture as much as you can. Find a moisturizer is that best suits your skin type and level of dryness. Watch What You Eat Some foods contain higher water content than others. Vegetables and fruits can curtail water loss from the body. The more water a meal or food has, the better it is for hydration. Bring in Extra Electrolytes When Needed If you are engaged in regular physical activities that last more than an hour, you might need to replenish your electrolytes. Get a sports drink and consume about 4 to 8 fl oz of a low-carb electrolyte-containing beverage after every 15 to 20 minutes when working out for more than 60 minutes. Dehydration can also be prevented by filling your diet with vegetables and fruits that have a high water content like berries, grapes, melons, and lettuce, as these are particularly hydrating.