Five Fruits That May Guard Your Skin Against Sunburn

Consume more fruit and thrive, even in summer.

If nature is causing some disaster, it may prepare itself to provide remedies too. In this era of pollution and global warming, summer is raging with more rays. To deal with this unbearable situation motte nature again presented us with some remedies. Fruits are a reliable source of different substances and nutrients but this summer you may eat and use certain fruits to save your skin and body from sunburn and gallant heat.

Pomegranate: Red Love

This fruit is available and the price range is also mediocre. This fruit can save your skin from getting sunburned. The ellagic acid present in this, according to Hallym University, is much more effective on collagen. It also helps to stop skin inflammation and so many other things. Some specific deadly enzymes can also be blocked by it.

Tomato: Tenderness Preserved

Tomatoes are a preferred fruit all over the world. Starting from the salad used in cooking and brushing its water on the face, tomato is loved by many people. Lycopene present in tomatoes is capable of saving skin from dangerous UV rays. Sunburn, mainly the harmful rays radiated from the sun can cause serious skin diseases. So tomatoes can be a good choice for this summer.

Strawberries: Another Reddish Saviour

Strawberries are also available in the market in a good amount. Sun rays are so harmful sometimes that they may also cause problems in those parts of your skin which are not even exposed. Strawberry contains anthocyanin, which is capable of saving your skin cells suffering from DNA flaws.

Guava: Green Berry

Guavas are very common in markets or fruit shops. It takes less effort to produce guavas. It is even possible to plant a guava tree at home. Guavas have a high amount of antioxidants and this substance can ease the pain of those skin parts which are already sunburnt. Apart from this, it is capable of giving a good fight to the rays with another soldier called lycopene. So consuming guava every day is good.

Kiwi: Seedy Texture

Kiwi is a very good source of vitamin C and this can also accompany you in sunburn situations. Vitamin E is also a great substrate in this situation, so eating kiwi is a win-win case. This fruit is capable of saving you from Ultraviolet rays attacks on your skin.

So consuming all of these fruits every day in a proper amount can help you in many ways and sunburn will no longer be a matter of concern.


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