Few exercises to keep the joint pain at bay

Easy and effective, these exercises will make you feel relaxed and happy

It is not anymore that you will only hear people above the age of 60 complain of joint pain. Now the young too have pushed themselves in the same category owing to their long sitting hours, erratic sleeping patterns, and unhealthy eating schedules. Such terms dictating life and no physical movement lead to joint pain. Right from the neck to end of the spine, knees and arms bear the brunt of such a lifestyle leaving the body in pain.

Walking This exercise is the most powerful of any that you will hear further in the story. Start it slow and over a period pick up the pace as per your body. It is easy on sore joints, helps maintain a healthy weight, relieves stress from the joints and body making the bones healthy. Other positive effects are improving the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in joint cartilage, helps strengthen the heart, keeps leg muscles, knees, and hips strong.

Stretching Aftera walk of 40 to 60 minutes it is advised to quickly get down to do some stretching till the body is still warm. From motion to joint stretches and static stretches wherein you stretch and hold the pull some time until the initial pain and stiffness move out. Slowly try and hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds, breathing in and out feeling the muscles relax.

Yoga Yoga encompasses all the body muscles into a single stretch with a single asana. Yoga strengthens muscles and improves flexibility and can be done easily at home with the use of chairs, blocks, and other props. Start with Sookshma Vayama or the loosening exercises which target various joints in the body. Even suryanamaskar can also be very effective for joint pain and opening up muscles.   

Cycling It is a great form of aerobic exercise easy on the joints, so either go out in the open and paddle away or hop onto a recumbent, mountain, or hybrid bike. Cycling helps keep the heart strong and also aids weight loss as it works on the lower body muscles, without putting pressure on joints. Or else do 30 minutes of aerobics which is equivalent to cycling.

Swimming Water is an easy place to stretch the muscles and joints. Try doing swimming, laps, water walking or water aerobics as water exercising helps put less stress on weight-bearing joints like the hips and knees. Swimming helps control weight, boost mood, and improve sleep.

If these exercises do not interest you then try pilates as it focuses on strengthening muscles or any other physical activity that keeps you active and out of pain.