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Family Fitness Time: Fun Parent-Child Exercises for Better Bonding on Father's Day

Looking for improving family fitness? These parent-child fun activities will create bonding as well as better fitness.

Celebrating father's day was originally started in USA to acknowledge the dedications of single fathers. Gradually, it became a special family occasion across the globe. Usually, this day is observed by giving gifts, spending quality family time, and expressing gratitude through cards. However, what we must focus on this special day is our parents’ health. Here, in this article, we will discuss about some fun activities to strengthen the bond and promote good health. Let's begin.


To start with, considering you are staying near mountains or hilly areas, you can encourage your father to involve in hiking everyday or at least weekly once. This is a great option for improving flexibility. Remember, you should be the guiding force for your father. This is a highly energy consuming exercise, so, motivate him to perform it together.


Till now, there is no replacement for jogging. This is an age-old exercise which can be performed by normal human beings to athletes. Of course, we are not telling you to perform jogging like athletes. It should be slow and consistent keeping their age in mind.


This is one such fun activity where almost every body parts get involved. Swimming, when practiced daily can decrease your heart and bone-related problems immediately. Swimming is fun and energy-consuming. If you swim for an hour, you will decrease over 200 calories. Simply amazing, right?

Perform Yoga Together:

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercises to make your body healthy. Performing yoga daily, can eliminate various diseases. In today's fast-paced life, yoga is the perfect alternative to intense workouts in gym. Focus on yoga that enhances breathing practices, removes pollutants, and improve immunity. Choose moderately tough yoga for good results.


Practice home-gardening, whenever possible. People involved in gardening always get the fresh oxygen. Similar to swimming, gardening involves majority of your body muscles. It can drastically reduce flexibility-related issues.


Do you love cycling? Do it with your father. If he is suffering from back pain or knee-joint issues, cycling can potentially reduce it. Perform it in early morning or bring the indoor cycling equipment in your home.

Motivate Your Father:

In an old age, parents do need small yet powerful motivation. The best way to encourage your father is you start doing the exercise. At this age, they usually look upon their kids’ activities. You may also involve other family members.

Many adults see exercise as very strenuous and boring. Exercise must be considered as a fun time to spend with family. You can play joyful music to encourage them. If, all the family members are coming together to exercise, it becomes more enjoyable. Moreover, you cannot force your fathers to perform heavyweight training. You can talk to a gym trainer to fix a routine and type of exercise based on age.

Elizabeth Gardner, an Yale Medicine orthopedic surgeon said: “Regardless if you are in your 50s, 60s, or older, you should consider exercise, nutrition and sleep as the ‘currency’ of quality and quantity of life. Activities such as dancing or hiking can be an easy way to start building fitness and an exercise routine.”

Perform these activities together for healthy body and mind.