Facebook owner Meta conducts another round of layoffs, top Indian executives lose jobs

About 4,000 employees at Facebook lost their jobs in April, and now around more 6,000 jobs would be axed.

Facebook's parent company, Meta Platforms, has conducted its final phase of job cuts, and it has impacted various departments and operations. The layoffs, which were part of a larger plan to eliminate a total of 10,000 roles, announced in March, have also impacted the company's top executives in India.

Among the fired employees are Avinash Pant, the director of marketing for India, and Saket Jha Saurabh, who was with Meta as the the director and head of media partnerships. These top executives, however, did not share any immediate comments when news agency Reuters reached out to them on the matter.

Not just them, several other employees in marketing, site security, enterprise engineering, program management, content strategy, and corporate communications have been fired and most of them have shared the news of their layoffs on LinkedIn. Meta has also cut down employees in teams dedicated to privacy and integrity.

Apart from India, the latest round of layoffs will reportedly also impact approximately 490 employees at Meta's international headquarters in Dublin.

Meta’s larger layoff plans

It was in early 2023 that Meta became the first major technology company to kick start a second round of mass layoffs. Not to miss, the company had previously let go of over 11,000 employees. Despite the cutting down on jobs, Meta's share value has more than doubled in 2023 owing to its cost-cutting measures and its focus on artificial intelligence.

Meta has reportedly downsized its employee count amid the overall declining revenue growth, which has been geared up by global inflation and slowdown in e-commerce during the pandemic.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously mentioned that the majority of the second round of layoffs, including 10,000 jobs, would occur in three phases over a span of months, with the most employees being fired by May. Further smaller rounds of cuts might take place post that too. So now with around 4,000 employees at Facebook owner Meta losing their jobs in April, the remaining 6,000 employees are now at the target.

After eliminating the 11,000 roles in November last year followed by 10,000 this year, the company has eliminated about 21,000 people, who have lost their jobs at the social network across departments.