F1 101: Who Are the Only Five Female Racers in F1’s History?

Since 1950, only five female drivers have taken part in Formula One Grand Prix

Formula One’s first edition was held in 1950. It is 72 years old, but decades after decades; it has never given a place to women racers. The sport has always been a male-dominated industry. However, in the sport’s history, merely five female drivers have taken part in a handful of Formula One Grand Prixs. This article is about those lesser-known legendary individuals.

What is the significance of this article?

Over the years, Formula One may not have committed a place to women on the starting grids. However, one must note that several women have served as test drivers in F1. For example, Susie Wolff, the wife of Mercedes F1 team’s principal Toto Wolff, was a test driver for Williams. In short, this article aims to prove the presence of women in F1 even though the situation is yet to improve.

“You go too fast, you take too many risks,” is what F1 champion Fangio said to Maria Teresa de Filippis

In 1958, Italy’s Fillippis was given the opportunity to enter the Monaco Grand Prix. After that race, she also took part in the French, Belgium, Portuguese and Italian Grand Prixs. She retired after not achieving significant results, but secured various series in other forms of motor racing. 

Lombardi finished 6th in a Grand Prix

The only female racer to have scored points in an F1 Grand Prix, Italy’s Lella Lombardi, finished sixth in the Spanish Grand Prix. In her F1 career, she took part in 17 races and started in 12. 

Divina Mary Galica captained the British Women’s Olympic Ski team

Galica took part in four editions of the Winter Olympics and captained the British Women’s Olympic Ski team. Motorsport became her second career, and she spent three years in the world of F1 with team Surtees and Hesketh. 

Desiré Wilson won a race at the Aurora F1 Championship

From South Africa, Desiré Wilson took part in the Formula One world championship in 1980. Later on, she performed in several non-world championships. In 1980, she also became the sole woman to win an F1 race in the short-lived Aurora F1 Championship.

Giovanna Amati, the fifth woman till date to participate in F1

In 1992, Giovanna Amati became the fifth woman to compete in F1. She was signed by team Brabham and her debut race was the South African Grand Prix. Her last F1 race was the Brazilian Grand Prix in the same year. 

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