Evening Wrap-Up: Water Supply Of 16 Asian Countries Threatened By Climate Change, Quick-Commerce Spurs Gig Jobs In India, And Other Important News Of The Day

From water supply of 18 countries threatened by climate change to quick commerce spurring gig jobs in India, here’s an evening wrap-up of top news, reviews and trending stories.

Water Supply of 16 Asian Countries Threatened by Climate Change

The Hindu Kush-Himalayan region is the source of 10 major rivers, and these water towers provide water resources for approximately 1.9 billion people. Know more.

Quick-commerce spurs gig jobs in India, 68% rise in delivery job seekers

With the expansion of quick-commerce services, the delivery jobs are back in demand in India and there was a 68 per cent rise in job seeker interest for delivery executive positions from April 2021 to April 2023, a report showed on Wednesday. Know more.

Amit Shah Highlights Modi-Led BJP Government’s Nine-Year Journey

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said during a press conference that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s opening of the new Parliament should not be politicised in response to the Opposition’s intention to boycott the ceremony. Know more.

Lonely Unique Galaxy in the Cosmos Grabs the Attention of Astronomers

The unexpectedly lonely galaxy 3C 297, discovered 9.2 billion light-years from Earth, has challenged existing theories on galaxy formation. Researchers suggest it may be the most distant “fossil group” ever discovered. Know more.

Snapchat now has over 200 mn monthly active users in India

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, on Tuesday said it now has over 200 million monthly active ‘Snapchatters’ in India, one of the company’s leading global growth markets. Know more.