Evening Wrap-Up: UP Government Announces 15% Discount on Flats, Scientists Resurrect Ancient Pharaoh King Tut’s Face, And Other Important News Of The Day

From the UP government giving 15% discount on flats to scientists resurrecting Pharaoh King Tut’s face, here’s an evening wrap-up of top news, reviews and trending stories. 

UP Government Announces 15% Discount on Flats, Terms Apply

The 15% discount for UP Housing Development Council units has been declared by the Yogi Adityanath-led administration. Know more. 

Scientists Resurrect Ancient Pharaoh King Tut’s Face after 3,300 Years! 

The scientists obtained relevant documents from previous studies, which contained skull measurements and photographs of King Tut, enabling them to reconstruct his face accurately. Know more. 

China to Dig 10 Layers of Rock in a Bid to Uncover Traces of Life 

The ambitious project entails drilling a 10,000-metre hole that intends to penetrate ten layers of rock, potentially uncovering traces of life, as previous borehole findings have hinted. Know more. 

Join ESA’s Historic Celebration of Mars Express’ 20th Anniversary! 

ESA’s groundbreaking livestream from Mars on June 2, 2023, marks the celebration of 20 years of Mars Express, the first-ever deep space mission broadcast. Know more. 

Prince Harry To Testify In Court, Becomes First British Royal In 130 Years 

Prince Harry is all set to testify in court next week in his lawsuit against a newspaper group he had accused of unlawful behaviour. Know more.