Evening Wrap-Up: New Parliament Building Likely To Be Inaugurated In May End, WHO Warns Against Artificial Sweeteners, And Other Important News Of The Day

From inauguration of the new parliament building to WHO’s warning on artificial sweeteners, here’s an evening wrap-up of top news, reviews and trending stories.

New Parliament building likely to be inaugurated in May end

The new Parliament building will be inaugurated at the end of the month, which is around the time the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will complete nine years in power, people familiar with the matter said. Know more.

WHO warns against artificial sweeteners

WHO has recommended against the use of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) to control body weight or reduce the risk of non-communicable illnesses. Know more.

IITians to take free online classes for govt school students

The initiative – Online Rural Education Initiative (OREI)- is taken by IIT Kanpur that has developed a platform through which all IITians will connect to teach rural India. Know more.

Vodafone to slash 11,000 jobs in 3 years to regain competitiveness

Global telecom carrier Vodafone on Tuesday said it plans to reduce 11,000 jobs over the next three years, with an aim to “simplify” both headquarters and local markets. Know more.

After 18 years, 2 Royal Bengal tiger cubs born in Delhi zoo

On May 4, the tigress Siddhi gave birth to five cubs. While two of them survived, three were stillborn, officials aware of the matter said. Know more.