Essential Driving Tips for Beginners

The basic pointers to keep in mind support your steering safe and smooth experience.

Driving is more than just a great hobby to flaunt on social media, with time, it has become a necessity. As a rookie, you are always careful about your safety, traffic rules, and car mechanisms. Slowly with practice, you can emerge as a pro making your way through heavy traffic. Here are the steadfast rules that you must look up as a freshman to make your beginner experience smooth as butter on the road.

  1. Get Familiar With Your Car-

Before you press the accelerator and hit the road, you need to scrutinize your vehicle. Every car’s mechanism is more or less the same, but getting comfortable in the car before you start off is crucial. Understand the basics of the clutch, gear arrangements, when to speed, when to slow down and of course the safety traffic rules.

  1. CorrectYour Sitting Posture-

Seating position matters a lot while driving. The lack of comfort while driving will show on the road and increase the probability of mishaps. Make sure you sit erect to see the full view and the viewpoint should be half of your windshield. Make sure your knees are not stretched a lot to push the pedals, and you are in perfect height with the pedals.

  1. Avoid Distractions-

While you are on the driver’s seat, do not engage in any other activity. Make sure you are fully aware of your surrounding and road. Do not indulge in calls, food or earphones while driving. Even if you have to make an emergency call, make sure you park at the side and then take your call.

  1. Adjust Your Steering Wheel, Seat and the Pedals-

Every person has a different height and adjusting your size according to how easy it reaches your pedals is essential. Push the brake and accelerator comfortably and always make sure you check the distance before you turn the keys of your car.

  1. Keep A Check On The Signals-

Keeping track of the signals is essential while driving. It helps you understand other car movements and portray your activity to other cars. Revising on the signs and practising on them makes you a good driver.

  1. Do Not Over Speed-

Once you are a pro at driving, you would want to explore the speed at what your car runs. It is mandatory to keep safety first and always put on seatbelts while driving. Keep up the pace as permitted by the road sign and never indulge in rash driving.

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