Enhance Your Presentations with Google Slides’ New AI Image Generation Feature

To access the feature, users will find a newly added ‘Help me visualise’ side panel in Slides.

Google has recently introduced a new feature called “Help Me Visualise” in Google Slides, which allows users to generate images for their presentation projects. This feature enables users to easily create backgrounds and visuals to enhance their Google Slides presentations.

Google has commenced the rollout of a new image generation feature named ‘Help Me Visualise’ in Google Slides.

AI-Powered background and image generation feature for Google Slides

This AI-driven functionality was unveiled during the Google I/O 2023 conference, with the company emphasising its ability to assist users in generating backgrounds and images for their Google Slides presentations. To access the feature, users will find a newly added ‘Help me visualise’ side panel in Slides, where they can input a prompt or description.

“Help Me Visualise” in Google Slides and Contextual Suggestions in Gmail and Google Docs

According to a Google Workspace Labs support page, the availability of the “Help me visualize” prompt in Google Slides is being gradually expanded, so immediate access may not be granted to all users. Presently, the feature is exclusively accessible to desktop users.

Upon entering a prompt in the ‘Help Me Visualise’ feature, users will be presented with six distinct render styles to choose from: Photography, Clip Art, Background, Flat lay, and Illustration. To utilize these AI-powered Google Workspace features, users will need to register for Google Workspace Labs and consent to the associated terms and conditions.

Additionally, in Gmail, the ‘Help Me Write’ feature is receiving contextual suggestions for replies based on previous conversations, as observed by 9to5Google. It will improve its attention to detail by incorporating specific information such as a person’s name and date/time.

In Google Docs, the platform now includes smart chips and other elements to prompt users to include essential details, such as company names and designations, in documents like job applications.

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