Easy Steps to Cure Lethargy

Slackened up too much all the time? Here are a few tricks to ditch the sofa and get moving!


Lethargy and fatigue can snowball in no time and make you feel cranky, melancholic, clueless, distracted and zoned out thereby meddling with your social life and professional space.  Hydrate  Dehydration sucks out energy leaving you exhausted and defeated. When your body is running low on water, you automatically feel fatigued, beaten up and tired. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices regulates energy levels. Implement caution if you have a habit of skipping on drinking water and resorting to caffeine and sweetened foods to beat the blues. Adhering to stringent discipline when it comes to water intake can save you from muscle cramps and spasms, sleep deprivation, melancholy and muscle weakness. Pay attention if you are sweating more than consuming fluids. Use labels to measure the amount you are gulping down. Organise and Prioritise It is easy to burn out by juggling personal responsibilities and office work, but sometimes prioritising and planning streamline your day and help you cut down on procrastination; the latter neither lets you relax nor gets the work done on time. Action planning assists you to mentally chalk out time for pending tasks before you call it a day. You can do a quick calculation of the day’s activities and plan how you are to accomplish the work assigned without further ado. The next step is coping planning which preps you to function efficiently under stressful situations by stretching your in-built capabilities for tolerance and adjustment. This little change can cut you some slack without bringing out the fidgety and fussy person in you. Break Some Sweat! Gardening or cooking can be therapeutic and pleasant, but if you really want to step out of the cocoon of lethargy and become active, try switching to a heavy workout regimen. Try your hands at pulling off herculean tasks—immersive enough to keep you interested. The jobs should not burden you but instead engross you. Meditation and labour can turn these hours into authentic exercise sessions as you wash off all the tiredness and lethargy. Eat Mini and Often Instead of taking heavy meals, compartmentalise and try digesting light meals packed in small quantities. This strategy is especially useful if you tend to feel drowsy or fall asleep snoring loudly in the middle of nowhere. Whole grains and complex carbohydrates in meals will further up your game. You will not feel the compulsion to lie down every ten minutes!