Easy and different ways of creating good FengShui in the bathroom

Decorate the bathroom and make it all the more attractive

Everyone loves spending time away in the quiet place of the house- the bathroom. While it is the most loved part of the house, since it is not out in the open it is often met with ignorance. Though one might keep it clean there are two or more things about this room that we overlook while decorating our house. To make it shine from underneath your deep cleaning of the bathroom needs decorating giving it a stylish and colourful look.

So along with the decoration let’s pay attention to good fengshui to change the vibe of this hidden but most important corner of the house. All in the harmony of increasing positivity, so here are a few simple ways.

Toilet seat and bathroom door closed. The sole function of the toilet is to flush away things. So by keeping it toilet seat and the bathroom door open all the time is another way in which energy can travel into the bathroom and down the drain. For overall good fengshui try keeping the bathroom door closed.

Add plants around. Putting plants around in the bathroomnot only adds the aesthetic value of home decoration but also bringing a natural element in the area. In terms of good fengshui, this further leads to the creation of good fengshui transforming the downward energy of water into vital life energy.

Keep it clean and decluttered. The more the products in the bathroom take place the more it will be unclean.Try and minimize the clutter in the bathroom such as cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines. Begin by letting go of expired products and empty bottles. As per fengshui to minimize the negative energy of the bathroom, it is important to keep it clean with fewer items in the area.

Put a mirror there. The whole miracle behind putting mirrors in the house is that it makes the rooms appear bigger. So while you are at it, place a mirror on the bathroom door as it will distract people from the space and will help in erasing the negative energies associated with the bathroom.

Conserve water. To begin with, thoughtfully conserving the water used in the bathroom creates good energy. A bathroom is signifies washing away of resources hence minimizing wastage of water counteracts the negative energy.

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