Dry fruits you should have during pregnancy

Having dry fruits in your early pregnancy is very crucial and beneficial for both mother and baby. According to research it has also been found that dry fruits are associated with smart brains of babies in the past.

Walnuts: Akhrot aka Walnuts are one of the vital additions to the diet of a pregnant lady. These nuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. The nutrients present in it reduces oxidative stress that takes place in the brain. It also helps to boost brain development and health in unborn children. While the time of consuming, a pregnant lady is expected to have three to four kernels of walnuts each day and can be consumed raw.

Apricots: It is an excellent source of iron which is very essential for a pregnant woman. A handful of apricots contains 10% of daily iron needs. It has become an essential part of a mother’s diet. Research says that consuming apricots regulate the digestive process in pregnant women. Add one or two chopped apricots to the breakfast of pregnant mothers or can have it as a snack as well.

Raisin: During pregnancy one often craves sweets and raisins can ease this problem for those who have a sweet tooth along with offering a great source of fiber and iron. It also helps to absorb water and subsequently gives a laxative effect which is quite important for a pregnant woman. Women who are expecting can sprinkle four to five raw raisins on their daily diet.

Fig or anjeer: Dried anjeer during pregnancy may help a mother to cope up with digestive issues. Figs contain a very good amount of iron, calcium and magnesium that helps to reduce constipation owing that too high amount of fiber alongside. Pregnant women are suggested to take 1-3 figs in the form of a snack or add to a salad.

Cashew Nuts: One of the healthiest nuts that can be consumed during pregnancy. It is full of fibre, iron, calcium, folic acid and zinc as well as magnesium. Also this particular dry fruit acts as an excellent source of iron and helps to increase the haemoglobin levels of a pregnant lady. It has been suggested that pregnant women can mix a handful of cashews with other dry fruits and consume it as a snack.

As we all know dry fruits are high in calories and sugar, so it is better to consume less and not more than 100 grams in a day.